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Bibliography: Henry IV by Shakespeare, William

Henry IV
Shakespeare, William
Note Source
Journal 8/11/1895; Journal 1/20/1895; Collected Short Fiction 1892-1912 275
Note Relating to Cather

According to an 1895 Journal article, Cather writes about Julia Marlowe's plan to play Prince Hal in her staging of Henry IV: "We have our own conception of Prince Hal; a youth red of hair, blue of eyes, hot of temper, coarse of tongue, amourous and sensual, but having withal a blunt honesty and sturdy manlihood which lies somewhere at the root of every Englishman."

In a January 1895 Journal article, Cather writes: "It is a grave question as to just how far the historical plays of Shakespeare are fitted for the modern stage. They were not the product of his highest thought or most spontaneous inspiration." Plays mentioned in this essay: Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, Henry VIII, Richard III.

In "The Treasure of Far Island," Douglass Burnham uses the words of Shakespeare "mettle of [her] pasture" (III:1.27) when he is persuading Margie Van Dyck to go to Far Island.