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Bibliography: Maud, and Other Poems by Tennyson, Alfred, Lord

Maud, and Other Poems
Tennyson, Alfred, Lord
Note Source
Courier 3/17/1900; My Antonia Book II, Chap. 7
Note Relating to Cather

In a 1900 Courier article Cather writes: "If Tennyson had gone everyday into his tulip bed and sent his tulip gardener in to work at Maud, I fancy neither Maud nor the tulips would have prospered."

In My Antonia, the narrator says "They were handsome girls, had the fresh colour of their country upbringing, and in their eyes that brilliancy which is called--by no metaphor, alas!--'the light of youth.'" ("Maud" part 1, section 5, stanza 2, l. 4).