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Bibliography: Lady Windermere's Fan by Wilde, Oscar

Lady Windermere's Fan
Wilde, Oscar
Note Source
Journal 6/5/1894; Journal 12/18/1894; Journal 5/19/1895
Note Relating to Cather

In an 1894 Journal article Cather writes: "As a play Lady Windermere's Fan is very poorly constructed....As a piece of literature the play is exceedingly clever."

In a December 1894 Journal article Cather writes: "As to the play, it amuses one even more on a second seeing than on a first, and the falseness of it jars less." But while she again appreciates his cleverness and facility with language, she charges that "One thing nature did not give Mr. Wilde — a heart."

In an 1895 Journal article Cather writes: "We will have no more such plays as Lady Windermere's Fan, no more such stories as The Picture of Dorian Gray. We can do without them."