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Nebraska State Journal

7 November 1894
page 5


The Hot Tamales company , headed by Conroy and Fox , played to good business at the Lansing "Hot Tamales" is a rattling Irish comedy, which has nothing whatever to do with the title.  It has two clever dialect comedians, a passable chorus a very skilful little dancer and heavy villain whom nature has cursed with the mad delusion of thinking he can sing bass.  The entire company had a decided talent for high kicking and pretty stockings, and chief of these was Miss Kittie Allen Miss St. George Hussev is as robust and Irish as ever, and her costumes were Hibernian dreams, fringed with shamrock.  With her peculiar makeup, her tendencies to loudness in both dress and manner are rather exhilarating than offensive.  Conroy and Fox carry both their dialect and comedy lightly and naturally.  Many of the jokes, though entirely irrelevant, were really sharp, and most of them were in the first bloom of their youth.  But some of the songs were relics of border minstrelsy.  In this, the year of our Lord, 1894, the "Old Oaken Bucket" should be left to hang in the well and should not be raised to exhibit the talent of a quartet that cannot find the key even once.  It is indeed "moss covered" and should be left to requiescat in pace.  Also in this day of enlightenment the bass villian should find something else to do with his few quavering tones than rocking them in the Cradle of the Deep