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Nebraska State Journal

9 November 1894
page 6


Farce comedy, like the poor, we have always with us.  The latest installment of the same was Charles A. Loder in "O, What a Night," at the Lansing last night.  The cast has been somewhat improved this season.  The specialties will pass and Miss Mattie Lachette as Chick is a clever dancer and has a fair amount of animation of the milder type.  Thin soubrettes always run to milk and water animation, just as heavy ones always go in for fire water of the hottest kind.  Mr. Loder is as repulsive as ever. There is a point where buffoonery ceases to be funny and becomes offensive. Comedy which consists entirely in the unadulterated coarseness of the streets is scarcely indurable.  There is a point at which patience becomes exhausted and at which even Frank DuTiel's red dude would be moved to revolt.