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Credits & Acknowledgments

The Complete Letters of Willa Cather

Andrew Jewell, editor and project director
Janis P. Stout, editor
Melissa Homestead, editor
Emily Rau, managing editor
Kari Ronning, associate editor
Mark Madigan, contributing editor

Editorial assistants: Caterina Bernardini, Simone Droge, Lauren Franken, Samantha Greenfield, Paul Grosskopf, Hannah Kanninen, Gabrielle Kirilloff, Lori Nevole, Linda Pawlenty, Gayle Rocz, Jessica Tebo, Jamison Wyatt

Editorial contributors: Shea Cortez, Emma Himes

Technical development team: Karin Dalziel, Jessica Dussault, and Greg Tunink

Supported by the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the National Endowment for the Humanities.


The Complete Letters of Willa Cather has come into being thanks to the generous support and assistance of a broad group of people and institutions. The editorial team would like to specifically thank:

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries and the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, especially Professor Katherine Walter and Dean Nancy Busch, for providing space, equipment, and encouragement for the team over many years of development.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Archives & Special Collections for sustained support of the edition and for broad access to the multitude of materials that have contributed to project research.

The Willa Cather Foundation in Red Cloud, Nebraska, for its continual support and commitment to partnership on Cather-related endeavors in the region and the world.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of English, the departmental home of several members of the editorial team, for its sustained dedication to Cather-related research.

The repositories around the world that hold Willa Cather's letters and have been uniformly cooperative in making them available for this edition. A complete list of repositories with letters included in the edition thus far can be found at the repositories index. The name of the repository that holds the original document is also available to readers as they look at each letter in the edition.

Photographs included in annotations for the edition are either rights-free, public domain images; from the Willa Cather Image Gallery; or included with the permission and citation of rights owners.