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#0018: Willa Cather to Grace Broady, August 29, 1894

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My Dear Grace1;

I send you a glowing clipping3 from the Auburn4 "Granger5." Dont they give it to me though? I am afraid we will have to give up our autumn excursion down there, for they would probably drive us all out of town and would certainly mob me and hang me without a trial. After this I will get all I can out of a town on my first visit, for it is very evidant that I can never visit the same town twice. I dont mind their wrath myself, I am used to wrath, I seldom get anything else, but I shall be awfully sorry if I have enraged6 Brownville7 against you. I am afraid you wont be anxious to join me in an expidition again soon.

Did'nt the pictures8 come out in great shape? The Episcopal interior was the best one after af all and those prayer benches we wickedly piled up9 in the aisle showed up in great shape. Your papa10 wrote me a very kind note about the Brownville tale and I wish you would thank him for me.

Did you have a pleasant time out at Miss Plasters11? I hope she is not "wroth" with me. I see that our friend II Miss Shurtz12 is married. She struck me as an awfully nice girl.

Roscoe13 and I played cards last night with that memorable Brownville deck, but the memories of soapy candy that clung about them were too much for me and I was ingloriously beaten. Didn't we have lots of fun down there though?

Have your sister14 and Miss Griggs15 returned from the Hills yet? Please remember me to them.

It is only a little while now till the grind begins. I suppose I will go back to Lincoln16 about the 2017th of Sept. I dont think I shall go up to the fair18, I have so little time19 at home20 anyway that I shall spend the few remaining weeks getting acquainted with the younger members21 of my family, though I find purchasing kisses at a chocolate drop apiece rather expensive business.

Faithfully yours Willa Cather.

Roscoe sends his regards.