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#0041: Willa Cather to George Seibel and Helen Hiller Seibel, August 9, 1897

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My Dear Friends1,

Just a word to tell you that the dear little lady's3 picture arrived this morning and is smiling at me now. I am hoping she won't be afraid of me when I get back to Pittsburgh4, which I expect will be about the latter part of September. I can just see Mr. Seibel5 with his complete6 Hugos7. I will have to assume an humble attitude before such magnificence. But you haven't got a "Thistle"8 Stevenson9 yet, so I still have one inning to my credit10. I'm most awfully glad you got your stuff11 out of Axtell12 and Orr13. I have'nt got all of mine14 yet. The ways of the children of the Lord sometimes pass the understanding of unbelievers. Speaking of the latter are'nt you glad to hear that out of consideration for my family I attend the Baptist Church15 reg- ularly every Sunday?

Now I maintain that "Hypatia"16 is ahead of the "Cloister."17 The old fighting foxhunting bishop and the glorious big Barbarian are ahead of anything Read18 can do. But my brother19 agrees with you.

This afternoon we start for the wild west to be gone about a week and I hope to find a letter from you on our return. I may go back to Pittsburgh with six-shooters in my belt. I rather want to get back there this winter. Wont we read French though? But you'd better finish the Iceland Fisherman20., Mrs. S—and continue the fortunes of the fascinating Gaud21 (How do you spell her confounded name?)

I went with my brother to a fire last night, after the approved manner of all provincials, and as I did'nt take time to put any stockings on I have a cold. Warn Erna to always wear hose. With lots of love to all of you and hoping we may soon quarrel about limited editions at 114'S. 17th

I am
Yours as always
Willa Cather.

P.S. My mother22, who is much taken with Erna's picture and who is a connoisseur in babies sends her love and compliments to that young lady and says if she has hives this summer rub her with fat bacon! La Pauvre23 Erna!