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#0411: Willa Cather to Ferris Greenslet, March 7 [1918]

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FG File Dear Mr. Greenslet1;

Thank you most heartily for your kind and consoling letter4. Don't you think it would be better to get the book5 out among the first of the autumn books, say late in September, than to get it out in the summer when people are out of town?

Will you please ask your printing house to save enough ofthe cream-tinted, rough-finished paper used in the dummy6 to print the full edition in the summer?

I will send you three Benda7 drawings tomorrow; the two full figure ones, of Antonia8 and Lena Lingard9--the latter fairly busting out of her clothes-- I think extremely good. I wouldn't ask for better. That will make eight drawings I have sent you. I have still two more which do not quite suit me. Unless I can get Benda to re-draw them for me someday, I won't use them. But will you please ask Mr. Scaife10 to send Benda his check as soon as you receive the three drawings I am sending you by express? His work is all done. If there is any business office formality which prevents your paying an artist in the middle of the month or the dark of the moon, won't you please send him the check and charge it to me until such time as it becomes proper to transfer it to manufacturing charges.

Will you also please have one copy of "O Pioneers"11 and one of "The Song of the Lark"12 mailed to W. T. Benda, 140 Wadsworth ave. New York2, and charge to me.

If you like I will send another bunch of copy to you in two or three weeks, and you can return it to me, as I may want it by me until the end, which I devoutly hope will not be very far off. I'd like to have you see the next instalment before I begin the last round, if you will have time to look it over. I am well again, and what is more important as regards the production of copy, the maid13 is now well enough to keep the kettle boiling.

Faithfully yours W.S. Cather