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#0832: Willa Cather to Mabel Dodge Luhan, May 26 [1926]

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El Navajo
Fred Harvey
Gallup New Mexico
Dear Mabel1:

I don't know whether you are East or West—but I have a feeling you are west, or on the way.

We3 left N.Y.4 on the 15th, stopped a few days with my mother5 and father6 in Nebraska7, and after a day's pause at Lamy8 came out here. Isn't Gallup2 the Hell of a place? I never saw so many low types in one town. We were both awfully tired and have not been doing much. El Navajo
Fred Harvey
Gallup New Mexico
Edith got a nasty cold coming out of Nebraska in a prairie heat wave, and we've been curing that. Tomorrow we go to Zuni9, and we hope to make Canyon de Chelly10 later. We can't do it unless Edith gets over her cough, for the drivers tell me it's a harder trip than it's advertised to be. We have very comfortable rooms here, and Edith has been very happy and relaxed in bed for two days, while I've made El Navajo
Fred Harvey
Gallup New Mexico
several strange and terrible acquaintances.

My brother11 and his peerless twins12 (also his wife13 and another daughter14 aged 13) meet me at Santa Fé15 June 14. They will have only a week, so I expect to lead a busy life until they're gone.

July 1st I get to work again, but I've not made up my mind as to just where. Miss Lewis starts for N.Y. June 28th. She will take another vacation of a month in August and will probably El Navajo
Fred Harvey
Gallup New Mexico
join me in New Hampshire16 or New Brunswick17.

I won't If you're still in New York I may see you as you go through Santa Fe. Oh Mabel, we rode from Lamy to Gallup on the same train with Rin-Tin-Tin18, and had the pleasure of meeting him during the half-hour at Albuquerque19. I never was so excited about any celebrity before!

Yours W. S. C.

Address La Fonda20, Santa Fe after June 1st.