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#0944: Willa Cather to Elizabeth Moorhead Vermorcken, September 19 [1928]

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The Grosvenor4
New York2
Dear Elizabeth1;

I simply don't know whether I ever replied to your letter telling me of your mother5's injury. I've replied to it many times in my mind, but during the last six months I have been in so many places, and my effects have been so scattered, that I feel certain of nothing. I do know of Mrs. Moorhead's remarkable recovery, however, through the Hambourg6's, to whom Dr. Schleiter7 gave a glowing account of her pluck and vitality. With all of her other friends I feel proud of her strength of body and spirit. The summer must have been a trying one for both of you. I've been at Grand Manan8 for the last two months, an island off the coast of New Brunswick9, where Miss Lewis10 and I have built a little home. I'll be here for several weeks and then will probably go to Quebec11. The less I say, or think, of this last year the better. It's been terribly difficult. I shall not take another apartment until after I have been abroad again. I mean to go this winter or in the early spring.

Have you happened to see Prof. Whipple12's book "Spokesmen"13? I am naturally very much pleased with his article14 on me—though I think his paper15 on Henry Adams16 rather the best of the lot.

Please give your mother a great deal of love from me, and greet any of my old friends whom you happen to meet for me—especially Bianca17!

With love Willa Cather

Didn’t you love Thornton Wilder18's book19? I did.

Elizabeth Moorhead Vermorcken1 5308 Ellsworth Avenue Pittsburgh3 Penn. Mohonk Mountain House— Lake Mohonk— New York. Ulster Co. MADISON SQ. STA. N.Y. 22 SEP 19 1928 530 PM Willa Cather PITTSBURGH, PA3 SEP 20 1928 3 PM The Grosvenor 35 FIFTH AVENUE New York2