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#1137: Willa Cather to Carrie Miner Sherwood, [December 11, 1932]

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The Grosvenor3
New York2
Dearest Carrie1;

Thank you for sending the book of reviews so promptly. Alfred Knopf4 wanted to use some extracts from them. They got here in plenty of time.

Now I want you to relieve my mind a little. The enclosed letter tells its own sad story.

  • 1st Won't the Bladen5 bank come back and pay at least part of what it owes its depositors?
  • 2nd What about the Inavale6 bank?

Why in thunder don't these people bank with Walter7 or [illegible]—when they have a chance? What's the matter with the Lambrechts8?

Now will you be my Santa Claus? I want them to have a good Christmas dinner. I know they won't buy prunes or dried apricots, they felt too poor to get them last year.

Please have Mrs. Burden9 pack a box:

  • 2 dozen of her best oranges,
  • 3 pounds of dates, ([illegible]
  • 5 pounds best prunes
  • 3 cans Texas figs
  • 3 pounds cranberries
  • 3 bunches celery
  • 1 peck red apples
The Grosvenor
New York

If there is any money left over after you get these things, get some Butternut coffee—I know they will cut the old lady down on her coffee, so put whatever is left into coffee.

I've already sent Mrs. Lambrecht a Christmas box, a lovely sweater and a lot of toys, but that was before I got Lydia's letter.

I'm sitting in the middle of a pile of trunks, dear Carrie. We10 move today. I think the new apartment11 will be lovely, but I'd have waited another year if I'd known so many of my old friends were going to be hard hit. I do want to help.

Lovingly Willie

New address: 570 Park Avenue (not far from Virginia12, I'm glad to say!

Roscoe's13 Virginia14 is to spend the Christmas holidays with me.