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#1249: Willa Cather to Charlotte Preussner Lambrecht, Lydia Lambrecht, Pauline Lambrecht, January 19 [1935]

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⬩W⬩S⬩C⬩ Mrs Lambrecht3, Lydia4, and Pauline5; My Dear Friends;

I know that such a grand present as this, with so much labor and thought in it, must be from all three of you. I have seldom been more surprised than when I opened that box, and seldom more pleased than when I spread out the beautiful counterpane6. So many kinds of flowers on it, and so few of them grow in Nebraska7! But they are correctly worked and I recognize every one of them at a glance. I think the lillies-of-the-valley, the crocuses and the peonies are my favorites. I grow most (nearly all) of these flowers in my own garden, on my little place in Canada8, on an island9 out in the Atlantic10. Now, in the winter, when I have a cl cold and have to stay in bed, I can have theseyour flowers for company, and look at them and remember my garden, and wonder whether the howling sea-winds have hurt my climbing roses. I will think of you, too, my kind friends, and pray that the wind and the sun may bri bring back your green pastures and your good garden, and revive your trees and flowers. I am almost afraid to ask you whether your little round-topped lilac tree lived through the heat11. I could hardly bear it if that little tree died. I just loved it.

Do you know, I like the border of my quilt almost as meuch as the flowers .? and I do so admire the beautiful quilting on the green squares between the flowers.

Carrie Sherwood12 and Mary13 once made Irene14 a quilt something ⬩W⬩S⬩C⬩like this one, and when I saw it on her bed in Chicago15 I envied her very much. Now I have one of my own, and I will be safe from the sin of envy!

Thank you with all my heart, dear friends, and may God bless us all, and bring us back to better times. All the Cathers feel sad that Bessie16 is gone, but we are all grateful to Elsie17 for making her last years so comfortable and for being with her at the end.

Always your true friend, Willie Cather