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#1849: Willa Cather to Elsie Cather, August 6 [1933]

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⬩W⬩S⬩C⬩ My Dear Elsie1;

Your letter written July 22nd reached me only today. Just before I left New York3 I wrote you a long letter4, telling you about Virginia's5 commencement, and telling you that I was leaving at once for Grand Manan2, so please address me here. Mail from Park Avenue6 is forwarded only once in ten days.

I am in the middle of a rush of long and tiresome details about foreign translation rights (I may have to go down to New York next week about it) so I must be brief.

In the first place, here is a check to help with the yard and house7 repairs. You must have the grass cut occasionally, you know, or it will never be thick. There must be plenty of boys eager for the job.

As to Bess8, do please communicat with Pauline Kourtner9 and tell her that I will send a check at once to pay her in advance for two months services. That will see Bess through the hottest weather. Please don't put it off, Elsie, but get Pauline by telephone or letter, if it is too hot to go out to see her. If she is there, and sure of her money, we will all feel comfortable about Bess,and about Will10, too.

I will write you later about other matters. Why is Will Auld's11 bank so badly off? And what has become of Mrs. Damerell's12 money, which was all tied up in that bank? Were your own investments well protected? Please tell me how Father Fitzgerald13 is, and tell Helen Mac14. I will write her soon.

Get right after Pauline Kourtner, Elsie, and let us get that fixed up. Tell me how much you pay her a month, and please advance the first month's wages to her until my check reaches you, or her. Tell me how to write it

Hastily, but with heartfelt love to you and dear Mollie15 Willie

Mary Virginia16 spent her vacation here with me, and it was such a good rest for her. Naturally she isn't very happy. I wonder if her father11 does'nt care much about her? It's a queer world, surely!