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#1963: Willa Cather to Mary Virginia Boak Cather, [June 28, 1926]

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Santa Fe, New Mexico
My Dearest Mother1:

If Elsie5 is not home yet, I am sure Mary Virginia6 will read this for you. How I wish M. V. could have been with us when Roscoe's7 family8 were here2! But never mind, some day I hope to had a have an adobe house down here where I can ask my nieces. I'm sure Elsie will tell you that their trip worked out splendidly—the only drawback was that their stay here was so short. Edith9 went back to New York10 the day before Roscoe's party left, and I have been plenty lonesome, I can assure you. I have been working11 every morning up in Mary Austin's12 new house. She has gone away for an operation and was kind enough to leave me the key of her house and big library so that I could write there. But I am getting rather homesick and tired of being in Santa Fe2 alone. Douglass13 telegraphed that he was coming last week, but he did not come, so I am going down to Taos14 in a few days, to stay for about three weeks.

I hate to go back to New York LA FONDA
Santa Fe, New Mexico
without stopping in Red Cloud3 again, dear mother, but I am afraid I must. I have to be in New York for a few days in August—indeed, for all the first week of August, and in the heat of July you and Elsie will be more comfortable with the home15 to yourselves. Every extra person makes more trouble and confusion in hot weather, and you and Elsie ought to have a quiet summer. Perhaps I can come out to see you in the late fall, and run the house for you for a few weeks while Elsie is at school. I am so much better in Nebraska16 in cold weather. The heat really makes me awfully sick, it's not fussiness, I simply get sick.

Edith liked the twins17 almost as much as I do. She thought they were splendid company. I do hope you can let West Virginia18 come to see you this summer—she wants to awfully. I think of all your grandchildren she is probably the one who loves you most. She is very devoted LA FONDA
Santa Fe, New Mexico
to you, and I hope she will get to see you this year. I don't believe she will make any trouble. I think Roscoe's family is turning out awfully well, and his little girls are lovely to him. I'm so glad, he deserves it!

With special love to you dear mother, and lots to Elsie and Virginia, Willie
LA FONDA Santa Fe, New Mexico2 FRED HARVEY, MANAGEMENT Mrs. C. F. Cather1 Red Cloud3 Nebraska SANTA FE N. MEX.2 JUN 28 1926 6 PM