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#1982: Willa Cather to Elsie Cather, August 30 [1911]

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My Dear Little Sister1

Of course I want you to come for a week or eight days before you go to Northampton3. We4 wont begin to tear up the place much before the 20th. I want you to see the last of the apartment5. We have a good maid6 so you can really be comfortable.

Ask Margie7 if she has ever found the pictures of Willow Shade8 she said she would hunt for. I do awfully want one. I wonder where Grandma Cather's9 pictures of the place are?

I'm so glad, so awfully glad you all like the Swedish Mother10, and that Mary Virginia11 ab knows who the people are. Tell her her "Nanypaw12" ought to remember one special night when he left me by the barn of the field we called "the Mountain field" when I actually saw the nose of the bear13 between the bushes, only the nose, and it looked a good deal like a pig's, but it made me very unhappy. I used generally to wait under a hawthorne tree that grew by the barn and was very lovely in the spring, but I didn't know14 what the Swede woman would call a hawthorne tree. Mr. McClure15 says the poem has been a good deal talked about wherever he has gone and that "he is as proud of it as if he had done it himself." I'm glad people like it, and everyone says "what a dear little girl." "Red-haired"16 doesn't seem to me a very specific adjective, but it seems to make a picture to everyone.

I'll be so, so glad to see you, Bobbie, and I want to ask you so much and tell you so much. You must tell May Mary about the little girl I rescued in the Park when the dog attacked her crow. Tell her she must take her crow to call on Irene17, I know Irene would appreciate it. Just think, you'll be here at 82 in ten days or so now!

Very lovingly Willie

Get up on a chair and kiss Toby18 for me before you leave.