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#2122: Willa Cather to Roscoe Cather, May 16, 1936

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My dear Roscoe1:

I am so glad that your trip was so successful and that you got a good visit with Douglas4.

Now the problem of the twins5. If they are coming on to a sorority meeting at Lake Placid6 in July, I think they ought to come on and visit me at Grand Manan7. They probably won't be so near the North Atlantic soon again, and the a real island, forty miles out, has a great thrill about it.

They would have to go from Lake Placid to Montreal8 by train and from Montreal by train to St. John, New Brunswick9. The boat schedule is changed and I don't yet know on what days the boat touches St. John. They might have to stay a day or two at the Admiral Beatty Hotel, in St. John. St. John itself is a rather interesting old colonial town, and they would not be bored. Benedict Arnold10 had a trading post there after he sold his country and was snubbed in England11 as a traitor.

The boat ride from St. John to Grand Manan is an all day ride, but very pleasant. I hope they can stay two weeks with me at Grand Manan, and I would put them up not far from my cottage at a small camp where I put up Mary Virginia12 during the two summers when she spent her vacations as my guest. The trip from Lake Placid on is rather expensive, but interesting. I figure that from Lake Placid to the Island and back to Lake Placid would cost $100 per twin, and I will send you a check for that amount as soon as we get it all properly planned. Of course, while they are on the Island they would be my guests and would be at no expense.

The important thing, my dear brother, is clothes.!! The sort of frippery they need for Lake Placid won't do. They must bring warm sport clothes - or perhaps summer clothes with warm coats would do. They must have rain coats. The island is like Scotland13. It might be sunny weather all the time they were there; and it might rain for a solid week. The place is never so beautiful as in rain, to my notion. But the most important thing of all is that they bring low heel shoes of the oxford type. Tennis shoes with rubber soles are best. The best fun there is climbing over the splendid cliffs, and terrible accidents have happened because girls would try to do this in high heel shoes. If the twins are anything like they used to be when I knew them, I think they would get a great thrill out of that island. I always long for it myself when I am in the most "scenic" places of Europe14.

Now please write me at once15, dear boy, if this strikes you right. I think it would be a fine thing for them, and I'd love to have them. I love to play with young people, you know - that is one reason I get so much happiness and refreshment with the Menuhins16. They are not only geniuses, they are young geniuses, and when I am with them I feel just as if I were starting for Garber17's grove.

Lovingly to you all, Willie
Mr. R. C. Cather1, 1225 N. Center Street, Casper3, Wyoming. NEW YORK2 MAY 1 3PM copy cable