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#2276: Willa Cather to Meta Schaper Cather, December 17, 1945

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My dear Meta1:

I have not written because I have been overpowered with work, having an excellent maid, but for only four hours a day (which doesn't go very far with keeping this old-fashioned apartment clean.) I think Sacramento4 is one of the lovliest spots on the California5 coast and the climate is so much better than that of Colusa6. Of course, the usual preparations for Christmas take a good deal of time, and I have not been very strong. I have not been able to go to the theater or to a concert, or even to an art gallery, since I came back in September. I simply get knocked out7. I am gaining a little all the time, I think. I have to take three injections of liver extract a week, and I think they will eventually pull me up to a low normal.

Sometime, when I know you are settled in one place after the rush of Christmas mails, I want to send you a very long letter by registered mail. A letter which I received from Roscoe8.; It is the a letter9 which he wrote me after he had bought his controlling interest in the Colusa Bank, and is an account of the projects which he investigated before he settled in Colusa. I know that he wrote you a full account of his investigations in those days, but I principally want you to see this letter because it seems to me a lovely story about two brothers. I don't believe that kind of friendship often happens in a family, and I have never known two men who were so companionable and loyal to each other as were Roscoe and Douglass10 in their boyhood days. I want myself to go and stay at the Villa Riviera at Long Beach11, just to remember and think about that rare and lovely friendship which was renewed there between two brothers, and sometime I want to tell you about those two when they were in Cheyenne12. I have a whole chest full of lovely memories of the togetherness of those two boys. I wish I could have been in Long Beach when Roscoe was there living with Douglass and looking for a location.

This letter from Roscoe is very, very long and is in handwriting. I like to think that his handwriting was a good deal like mine – like mine was when I was younger and before my hand got hurt13. His is a little more cramped than mine, but neither of us in the least wrote that free copybook hand that children were taught to write then. When the twins14 went to school it had become even worse, so that handwriting became perfectly characterless and you couldn't tell one person's script from another's.

Dear Meta, could you do me a favor and send me Jack's15 new address – his address since he has moved into a villa, so to speak. I have only the old one in Whittier16.

We can neither of us hope for a very happy Christmas, but I hope yours won't be too sad. You must remember that you had more of Roscoe's life than anyone else ever had, and that you made him happy.

Lovingly Willie
FROM CATHER 570 PARK AVE.3, NEW YORK CITY2 Mrs. R. C. Cather1 Hotel Senator Sacramento4 California NEW YORK N.Y.2 DEC 17 1945 7 PM