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#2345: Willa Cather to Elizabeth Cather and Margaret Cather, May 5, 1937

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My dear Twinnies:1

1. Please let me know the exact date of your Commencement.

2. Please tell me what plans you have for the summer.

3. There is just a chance that Edith7 and I may go to Grand Manan8 this summer. My plan for a quiet stay in England9 has been entirely ruined by this confounded coronation10!! The whole of England will be a noisy World's Fair during the very months which I meant to spend there.

4. Now, if we should go to Grand Manan and circumstances should be propitious, would the twins like to come for a visit from, say, the middle of July to the middle of August? Or have you some other cherished plan to go to a spot you have not yet seen – break new ground, as it were? Just let me know how you feel about this plan, which is still very vague. I think that by practising economies in other directions, I could present my twins with a trip from Denver11 to Grand Manan and return. That is, if they do not mind the well known hardships and inconveniences of life at Grand Manan.

I was pleased that you studied Canadian history this winter. I hope you read a lot of Francis Parkman12. Aside from being a fine historian, he is really one of the best writers we have produced. Your college library must have him, surely. Be sure to read the volumes "Early Explorers"13, "Frontenac"14, "Canada under the Old Regime"15. If you have read those volumes, I can tell you stories enough to make another Shadows on the Rock16. It is impossible to talk about early Canadian history to people who haven't some knowledge of that history.

We both send you a world of love, and I am going to the Cathedral tomorrow to burn candles and pray that this dream may come true.

With love, my dears, Willa Cather
Misses Margaret3 and Elizabeth Cather,4 1128 PlumPennsylvania Street, Boulder,5 Colorado. NEW YORK, N. Y.2 MAY 6 1937 430 PM Please send me Virginia's6 present address.