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#2348: Willa Cather to Elizabeth Cather and Margaret Cather, [September 4 and 5, 1937]

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My Darling Twinnies;1

I wrote MARUTHA (Mrs. Menuhin)8 and this is her reply. You must excuse her English—she learned English late—but she is very intelligent. "Vasinka" is a Russian name by which she often calls me. Like most Russians she is only too hospitable—her wishes for her friends are often beyond her strength and powers. Of course you wouldn't think of visiting them, anymore than I wold would! A house full of "celebrities", and the family packing for Yehudi's9 European tour! But Marutha would love to have you, because you are dear to me—that is her nature. I wish you could meet her and the girls10, but you will have a warm welcome from MOSHE (Mr. Menuhin)11 and from Yehudi. Just be your natural selves with them as you are with me, and you will enjoy them both. Yehudi is as easy and natural as our fine trees are when the wind murmurers through them. You have only to look once in his face to see the goodness I have found in him always; as little boy, youth, and young man. I have admired many artists for their gifts, but never before one for the fineness of his nature.

If you happen to be staying at the same hotel in Sacramento12, you might send your card to Mr. Menuhin (MOSHE Menuhin) the day before the concert. If you do not meet him at the hotel, then go back to the artists' room after the concert, ask for Mr. Menuhin and tell him who you are. He is such a kind little man, and will be on the look-out for you.

Last night, Heaven be thanked! the wind turned north, a grand rain fell, and today is fresh and cold and dark, promising more rain. We can stand a lot of it!

Lovingly, Aunt Willie

P.S. You can easily avoid Marutha's pressing invitation by explaining that you are helping to sert settle a new home with your parents13. Moshe will probably try to carry you straight home with him—that's his nature.

Margaret4 & Elizabeth Cather5 c/o R. C. Cather6 First Savings Bank of Colusa Colusa7 California U. S. A. NORTH HEAD, N. B.2 SP 6 37 AM Air Mail Via Montreal3