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#2464: Willa Cather to Meta Schaper Cather, October 17 [1946]

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⬩W⬩S⬩C⬩ dear, dear Meta1!

I am so glad to know that you are at the Villa4, where you and Roscoe5 had so many pleasant times. You would never have the associations in Denver6 that you will find there. Most of Roscoe's family that are left are there, and they will all be glad to have you near them. I earnestly recommend Charles7 to you. I saw a good deal of him and I grew to love him very much. There is not a mean or little thing about him. Moreover, he has a good deal of charm—always a rare thing in this world—and natural good manners. H He failed in mathematics, but he made a hard fight and didn't whine. He will appreciate any friendliness from you. I was rather cold to him at first, but he soon melted me. He has a nice generous nature. Helen Louise8 tells me that Elsie9 was pretty horrid to him, but I would never have known th it from him.

We have been home10 from Northeast Harbor Maine11 only four days—trunks not unpacked. Edith12 was still very ill13 when we left New York2 July 25th and she spent the first week in bed after we arrived at Northeast. She gradually grew better and better and was able to take longish walks during September. Our faithful negro woman had the apartment beautifully clean for us—I dread the arrival of our trunks: we both have too many clothes—that is, we grow fond of our old ones and hang on to them.

It is a bitter loss to me that Helen Louise has gone to Pittsburgh14 to live. She was so companionable and she took no end of to trouble be be helpful to me. E

Mary Virginia15 writes me that she was lately in Denver and went to see Margaret16. She thought young Richard17 such a bright little chap, and the little girl18 very sweet. I was so ill when Margaret brought the children to New York that I could not see them. I hate to fail like that.

With love to you dear Meta, and please give remember me lovingly to Charles.

Dear Meta1

Several weeks ago I wrote your Virginia19 Mrs. J. H. Brockway at 5486 Glenn Hill Roadway S.E. Washington 20 D.C.20

Is that the correct address? My nieces move so much—I have a book full of addresses!!

Lovingly Willie
Mrs. R. C. Cather1 Villa Rivera Hotel Ocean Boulevard Long Beach3 California Room 508 NEW YORK, N.Y.2 OCT [illegible] 1946 930 AM