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#2784: Willa Cather to Ethel Garber Cather, January 6 [1931]

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My Dear Ethel1;

I have for weeks wanted to thank you for the nice letter you wrote me about the medal.5 I wish the children could see it, it is too huge and heavy to use for anything but a paperweight, and as Tiffanys told me there was nearly five hundred dollars worth of unalloyed gold in it, I don't dare use it for that. So it will have to be locked away in the dark in the Bank-- seems a pity, as its so beautifully carved.

Didn't you at sometime write me that Helen Louise6 was almost as tall as you? That was why I made the foolish mistake and got her coat too big. I should have telegraphed you for her measures, if I had no time to write, and I'll do it next time. Edith7 sent her silk stockings for Christmas, but had no time to put a card in. I hope Charles8 got his imported scarf of very warm wool. If it's too big for him, his daddy9 could use it.

I'm hard driven, as always when I am in town2, but I had two jolly parties with Virginia10 and Tom11. Virginia works hard and manages well, and I am awfully pleased with her. I'll get my book12 done before I go to Mother13 in March, part of it is in the printers' hands now. At the publisher's office they think it is better than the Archbishop14,- they have never been so stirred up by a book of mine before. Mauybe that's partly goodwill, for they know it has been done under frightful conditions, no rest ofr real, settled peace, always going to California15 or travelling to do the necessary research work. The title is "Shadows on the Rock." It will be out early next fall16. I could get it out this spring, but the book mar market, and every other market, is so bad that it doesn't seem adviasable.

My love and good wishes for the New Year to you all, my dear Ethel and Jim. Willa VIRTUS NON STEMMA
The Grosvenor
New York
Mrs. J. D. Cather1 106 East 27th Street Kearney3 Nebraska NEW YORK, N. Y. STA. D2 JAN 6 1931 1 PM VIRTUS NON STEMMA
The Grosvenor4 35 FIFTH AVENUE New York2