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#3110: Transcription of letter from Willa Cather to Yehudi Menuhin, September 20, 1936

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Extracts from the letter written by Willa Cather to Yehudi1 on Sep. 20 1936 My dear Yehudi!

So you know about that third person who is always there, looking over your shoulders? I have often wondered whether you knew of his existence .I have known of it for a long while! Of course I am not conscious of him every time I see you, but at important moments.-----from time to time-[illegible] quite often enough to convince me of his reality. He is your good genius, my boy. Always let him decide things for you Always-at heart. Never begin anything unless you feel that he is with you and is not keeping aloof.

Your “trite story” sounds very charming to me, and I am so pleased that you related it to me. Those moons and those skies ate the right setting for a romantic hour-maybe for the beginning of a long romance, the sort of thing that becomes really a part of one’s life. But only time can tell you that. And whether it’s for an hour or for the long future, it’s always lovely.

……….I would love to ask Rosalie3 to come down to see me and tell me all about her California4 visit, but the maid who answered the telephone said she had already left town2. She will probably come home for the Thanksgiving vacation, and I shall certainly see her then. I.have.never seen Rosalie at all…………..

You will need fundamental honesty in a wife more than anything else, I thjnk. By honesty I mean the knowledge that twoand two make four and can never be sighed or dreamed into making five. And the knowledge that real love is not so muchadmiration as it is the drive desire to help and to make life easy for the other person. If the man is a man with a career before him, she must have good sense and stamina as well as charm. But your second self will know the quality I mean ,when he finds it-may be he has found it; the passage of time alone can tell that…………

I rather think you will need a girl with a more….

…..I want you to be a happy man as well as a great artist… Remember, this

…When you talk the summer’s romance over with Enesco5, you will hear good counsel counsel. Why is it that one has such instinctive instinctive confidence in that man, I wonder? I don’t know him at all, but I felt sure of him on sight.

With all my love and certainty that you will make the right choice! Your devoted aunt Willa