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#3160: Willa Cather to Willard Crowell, January 19, 1939

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My Dear Mr. Crowell1;

I am convinced that your trip to Smith County4 saved me from making a grave mistake. Your description of the Merrill5 place makes me know that I do not want to part with it for taxes. I like to look at a piece of land with native grass and water and trees on it, no matter how rough it is. My Father6 taught me that much.

I am therefore enclosing a check for the $233.49 due on Jan9, adding five dollars to this sum to cover interest accrued since then and additional expense which may occur in settling up with the Smith county treasurer.

I am also enclosinhg a lerrtter from Mr. Foe7, which came only this morning. You will probably be seeinhg Mr. Foe, and I will be obliged if you will answer his two questions verbally. I will reply to his second question by agreeing that if Mr. Johnson8 does not does not keep his promise about his back interest, it would be best to demand a deed or to foreclose. Mr. Johnson has several times made rosy promoses promises, but he has never lived up to them.

Now as to the first question: I would like you to keep all these papers for me , in a safe deposit box id in Mr. Sherwood9's bank. I have already some papers in a box there, but I wish you would rent a larger box in your name and mine, and put all my papers together in it. If you can get a bill from Mr. Sherwood for seven years' past rental on my present box, I wish you would do so. Because we are old friends, he always ignores my requests for a bill. If you take out a box for my papers, you can pay the annual rental for the it in the regular course of business.

You must excuse my mistakes in typing. I write my books by hand, and the typist10 who copies my manuscripts is sick this week.

I will certainly follow your suggestion and not worry about the farms you are have kindly taken under your charge. I shall not even think about them, for I know your thinking will be better than mine. The reason I have let these mortgages go un-looked-after for so long, is that I do not like to take any action in matters where which I know nothing about.

Very sincerely yours Willa Cather