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#3208: Willa Cather to George Austermann and Eleanor C. Shattuck Austermann, May 16, 1936

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⬩W⬩S⬩C⬩ Dear Mr. Austermann3 and Eleanor4:

I want to thank you heartily for your kindness to Stephen Tenannt5. He has the warmest affection for you both and for Jaffrey6. He plans to come back to you in the autumn,; and I think he will if his health holds. It is a shame he is so frail, for he is a very talented fellow in many ways. He has been tremendously petted in England7, but I don't think it has spoiled him a bit. I don't suppose he said much about his family, but I feel quite sure that his valet, Wade8, must have confided a great deal about the glories of the Greys and Glen-Cconnors. Stephen's father, Baron Glen-Conner9should be one word, Glenconnor, died in 1920 and in 1922 his mother10 married Lord Grey11, whom we knew as Sir Edward Grey when he served as British Ambassador in Washington12 during the five years which covered the War period. The eldest13 of Baron Glen-Conner's sons was killed in the War. Stephen will never inherit the title, but he has as his own property, Willsford Manor, in Salisbury14, where the Tenannts lived for many generations as landed gentry before there was any title in the family.

All this information is quite confidential, but I feel sure that you are interested in him and would like to know something about his background. Moreover, Wade has probably gossiped, and I want to tell you the bare facts. Of course, the taxes on Stephen's place are tremendous, but he has managed to keep it and get along comfortably, though not lavishly. He seems to have found a real companion in you, Mr. Austermann, and it was a pleasure to me to hear him tell about his drives and talks with you.

I hope to be with you in the fall, as I am not going abroad this summer. With the best of good wishes to you both,

Your true friend, Willa Cather

Excuse the mistakes of a temporary stenographer—my own15 is away

Mr. George Austermann,3 Shattuck Inn,16 Jaffrey,6 New Hampshire. NEW YORK N.Y.STA2 May 19, 1936 3 PM