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To Cyril ClemensApr. 30, 1936UVa 

Not sure why The Song of the Lark has not been translated into Spanish. Glad he likes her article in Commonweal enough to republish it as a pamphlet, but it belongs to Knopf and he will use it in a small volume of essays soon. Leaving soon to spend all of May in New England botanizing with friends.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1317]

To Cyril ClemensAug. 15, [1936?]WCPM 

Probably written before no. 1336. Appreciates his offering her the vice-presidency of the Mark Twain Society.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1323]

To Cyril ClemensDec. 11, 1936UVa 

Sorry not to have replied to his letter in the summer, but received it only recently. Doesn't understand his reference to a "pilgrimage" to see A. E. Housman. Why would he presume to describe an incident he knew nothing about? Has never given out information about the occasion except to private friends. Hopes he won't put anything about it into his biography of Housman. Considers his request for information rude.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1336]

To Cyril ClemensJan. 30, 1937UVa 

Believes the article he mentioned was published in the Saturday Review and written by that inveterate liar Ford Madox Ford. Certainly never led any group of ladies to go see A. E. Housman. Did meet him, but not at Cambridge. Did not talk about his poetry. This has been very annoying. Alfred Knopf has suggested she write her recollection of the meeting, to silence questions. Will probably do so some time, in the plain style of her recollections of meetings in Not under Forty.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1355]

To Cyril ClemensApr. 9, 1937UVa 

Hopes it is all right, autographed book to him rather than to Mark Twain Society. Cannot write even a short piece about G. K. Chesterton for their quarterly. Has promised Knopf not to do any incidental writing. Maintaining this as a general rule saves many problems.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1362]

To Cyril ClemensSept. 27, 1937UVa 

Does not recognize initials F. S. and does not remember visiting anyone in Bronx Park. Neither she nor Ida Tarbell makes it a practice to go to literary teas. Whoever told him that was not truthful.   Willa S. Cather, signed by Sarah J. Bloom with note "dictated by Miss Cather."   [Stout #1373]

To Cyril ClemensJan. 28, 1938UVa 

The Mr. Lamy who has written him is a great nephew of Archbishop Lamy, on whom she based Latour in Death Comes for the Archbishop. Has never met him.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1395]

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