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To Yaltah MenuhinOct. 23, [1935], from ParisPrinceton 

With Edith Lewis, is sailing in a few days. Glad to receive her letter from South Africa. Her visit to the cave interesting. As for herself, prefers to stay on the surface. Surprising that she found Lucy Gayheart so far from New York. Isabelle asked that they leave Paris without saying goodbye, and will do so. She is very ill. Must get home and get back to work, to keep a sense of reality. Sorry not to be in Paris for Yehudi's first European recital.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1276]

To Viola Roseboro'Dec. 18, 1942Amherst 

Has just returned from Williamstown, from an inn she had heard was pleasant. Enjoyed the stay, though weather not very good. Enjoyed the college students and escaped recognition except by a professor from Shepherdstown, Virginia, near Winchester, who wrote that he had recognized her accent. Had thought it was gone long ago. Has gained back from 110 to 115 pounds. Nerves needed a rest, and solitude was good. P.S.: Christmas will be happy only if there are victories in Africa.  Willa Cather   [Stout #1601]

To Sigrid UndsetMar. 31, [1943]Oslo 

Thanks for sending her retelling of the story of Thorgils and Thorfinn [Bulletin of St. Ansgar's Scandinavian Catholic League of New York no. 41, Feb. 1943: 1–6; summarizes the medieval Icelandic Floamanna Saga, about hardships endured by early settlers of Greenland and the hero Thorgils's miraculous suckling of his orphaned infant]. Has read it twice. The courage and trials of the early Norse explorers seemed to exceed anything in human experience. Wonders why God lets the long battle in Africa go on.   [Stout #1625]