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To Viola Roseboro'Feb. 12, 1944UVa 

Has thought of her often this winter, not just because of Ida Tarbell's death but because of the world's death. So glad Roseboro' was able to travel before this disaster of a war. Why did the world have to come to destruction in their lifetimes? and after they had already been through one war? Heard Sir James Jeans say humans want to believe the world will live forever, since they know they personally cannot. So why does their generation have to see this? Hasn't written because so many of her younger relatives have had their lives uprooted by the war. Hates to think of Nebraska boys off on Pacific islands, where the suffering is the worst. Human fallibility brought it on—or no, it was scientists who brought it on. Would like to come see her, but has not been well since gallbladder operation.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1659]

To Roscoe Cather [April 3, 1933?] , on W.S.C. letterhead ; UNL-Roscoe 

His letter was timely: she almost abandoned the Smith College Commencement and went to Bermuda when she could not get a reservation at the Northampton Inn. (Refuses to board with faculty so they can repay social obligations.) However, if Virginia is counting on her presence, will be sure to attend. Has inquired about a room in an Amherst hotel, but it is a busy time of year. Is not really interested in the honorary degree, but is going because of him and because their mother would want her to attend. Has not written to Virginia or done any real work all winter. So much business to attend to! Has lost money on investments and is trying to switch money to American Telegraph and Telephone stocks and government bonds. Has been forced to sell municipal bonds at a loss. Alfred Knopf's lawyer has been helpful, but the winter has been lost to such worries. Will try to be a good family representative for Virginia at Smith's Commencement.    Willie.