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To Elsie CatherMarch 16, [1939]UNL-Rosowski Cather 

[written beside date, before greeting:] So Hitler is in Prague! [then after greeting:] Enclosed is the promised money for Red Cloud house, five percent of the $5000 value of the home. Regards it as an investment. Asked earlier that Elsie not make more changes to the house, but received no response. Sorry not to write a longer letter, but has had influenza and a relapse, and is just today out of bed. What a difficult time this is! Feels her faith in British honor shaken in recent weeks. [The Munich Conference was in September 1938. Cather may bereferring to Britain's having subsequently refrained from opposing Hitler's takeover of Czechoslovakia.] Enjoyed sending flowers—no thanks needed. Enjoyed Mollie's letter. Doesn't yet feel like tackling correspondence. Has many letters, including one from Bishop Beecher, asking things of her. Harder to say no to Beecher than the others.   W.