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To Charles CatherSeptember 25, [1913], from the train ; UNL-Southwick 

Visited Mary Smith with Isabelle yesterday and brought roses. Though Mary looked bettered and is still sore, she was lively and talkative. She's much older now, but is still herself, and she sends greetings. Saw Walter Gore at the bank. He was civil, but not too friendly; did not invite her to visit his wife a block away. Father will recall that when Aunt Lillian Gore arrived from Europe with silver for Walter and his new wife, she was not treated very cordially, and she left for Washington very angry. Walter is fine: he isn't too concerned with his extended family and doesn't behave otherwise. Enjoyed seeing Jennie Smith, now Mrs. Garvin, in Gore [Virginia]. She's heavy and has hardly any teeth, but manages to seem distinguished nonetheless. She has seen many weddings and funerals, the most recent being Aunt Mary (Liza) Trone, who was a housekeeper for Captain Mure. Saw the old Captain—complete with fine white beard—on horseback as straight as ever. Spent a gorgeous day hiking to Anderson's Cove, seeing the wonderful view there for the first time. Talked with Ellen Anderson near her well-kept house and garden; she was eager to talk, and so serious about her claims to like city living that they dared not smile. Later, Ellen came down on horseback for another visit together. Saw Giles and Dorothy leave for the North River on their ancient boat; they returned dressed for winter, complete with fur cap and veil. They drove a fat, drowsy horse and carried some watermelons. Did not get to eat any before leaving. Giles will be pleased to see the seeds father sent; saw them in the post office. Sends love.   Willie 

To Roscoe Cather [1936] , on W.S.C. letterhead ; UNL-Roscoe 

Did he see this? Yale professor wrote Knopf that the essay was excellent. When Knopf wrote back, asking to see it, he was told that Footman departed for Europe abruptly and took the essay along. He must be proud of it! [Pasted onto the letter is a clipping, possibly from the New York Herald Tribune, titled "Yale Awards Strong Prize/ Won by Junior With Essay on Willa Cather's Work," which announces that junior Robert Henry Footman of Kansas City won the Henry H. Strong Prize in American Literature at Yale for "The Novels of Willa Cather." The article mentions his high school, a scholarship, and Footman's participation in Yale athletics. Next to the article, Cather writes a note:] Seems like a nice young man