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To Ferris GreensletApr. 19, 1941Harvard 

Everyone she knows who went to Florida for the winter got sick. Survived New York winter with no worse than colds. High spirits impossible these days, with the world as it is. Isabelle McClung's brother was wise to marry a member of the Mellon family—his only wise deed. He was good-looking but otherwise a disappointment.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1537]

To Roscoe and Meta Schaper CatherJanuary 22, [1917]UNL-Roscoe 

Thank you for the cigarettes and handkerchiefs, and thanks to Virginia for the colorful pictures. She put them up by her desk for many days before sharing them with mother. Has a beautiful miniature orange tree with nine fruits on it; please tell Virginia. When she is older, will send her some fragile sea shells Isabelle mailed from Florida. Did he see her paltry story in Harper's ["A Gold Slipper," Harper's Monthly Magazine, 134 (January 1917): 166-174]? British War Supplies is laying off people, and is afraid Jack will lose his job. But then, after all, life should not be too easy when one is young. Maybe the fact that he did well enough there will spur him to strive for more success. Has mailed $100 to mother for her trip to Tucson, and will send another $100 on March 1. Is pleased Virginia enjoys the beads; it's nerve wracking to try to select anything for her to wear: remember that hat! She is quite particular about her fashion choices. Wishes Virginia could come to visit her, and she must do so when she is older. Please send condolences to Elsie Stewart about her mother. Will soon send Roscoe and Meta a book they ought to read, and hopes they send her some sage this spring.   Willa.