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To Ferris GreensletJune 30, [1916 ?], from Brown Palace Hotel, DenverHarvard 

Paul Reynolds sold the clumsy story she told him about for $600. Is on her way to Taos. Hopes he will remember she still wants to do a book about the Southwest and will not commit to anyone else for one.   W. S. C.   [Stout #359]

To Ferris Greenslet,  n.d. [prob. late Aug. 1918] , from Scarsdale, N.Y.Harvard 

Is spending a week with the Hambourgs and will then go west by way of New York. Several musicians there who play chamber music every night. It's heavenly, but the quiet of corn fields will be a welcome rest.   W. S. C.   [Stout #429]

To Mary Virginia AuldFeb. 21, [1920?]UNL 

Sending this note to Grandmother to keep for her. Recently a guest brought a marionette that walked in beside him and was so funny. Wanted a cigarette and fell down and sobbed when she said he was too young to smoke. Kissed her hand on the way out. Few real men are so charming. Has been going to operas with Zoë Akins. On Valentine's Day the apartment looked like a florist's shop.   Aunt Willie   [Stout #498]

To Viola Roseboro'June 5, [1920], from ParisUVa 

Had a wonderful voyage. Edith Lewis not so ill as usual. Enjoyed reading her novel on the way over. Several memorable characters and strong sense of community dynamics. Paris is lovely. Staying just across the river from the Louvre. Veterans in the park are a reminder of the price for such a beautiful civilization.   Willa Cather   [Stout #507]

To Dorothy Canfield Fisher,  Wednesday [March 8?, 1922] UVt 

New book will be called a war novel. Would never have written such a thing if she hadn't simply had to before she could go on to anything else. Sprang from her cousin Grosvenor, who wanted to escape the farm and fulfilled his wish by enlisting, only to die at Cantigny on May 27, 1918. Has eliminated her usual pictorial mode in order to approximate the central character's way of looking at the world. He didn't see things as clear pictures.   Willa   [Stout #589]

To Dorothy Canfield Fisher,  Friday [April 7, 1922] UVt 

Pleased she has offered to review the book. Will want it to be well placed for impact. The fact that Claude was modeled on her cousin is not for general information. Glad to have managed to convey the feeling of the uncultivated person who wants culture. A kind of revenge for the way Dorothy made her feel in France, though a revenge without anger attached. Was with her cousin in Nebraska at the start of the war and felt a strong tie. Feels drained by the effort of writing the book and the closeness to Claude's mind, now lost to her since it is finished. An ordeal but a joyful one.   Willa   [Stout #590]

To Blanche KnopfJuly 28, [1922], from Bread Loaf InnHRC 

Thanks for the check. Will go to Grand Manan by way of Montreal next week.   Willa Cather   [Stout #610]

To Irene Miner Weisz,  n.d. [pm. Dec. 17, 1924] , from New YorkNewberry 

Can she spend Sunday afternoon on her way to Red Cloud if she is in town? Has a five-hour layover. If not, will ask Edith Abbott to meet her train. Likes the bookends.   Willa   [Stout #760]

To Dorothy Canfield Fisher,  Thursday [Dec. 3, 1925?] , from New YorkUVt 

Returned from Chicago and Cleveland on Saturday and found in accumulated mail a copy of her Made-to-Order Stories. Will send it to twin nieces in their Christmas package. Visited niece Mary Virginia at Smith College on the way home. Sorry such an unworthy person [?] is settling near Dorothy.   Willa   [Stout #807]

To Ferris Greenslet,  n.d. [May 1926] Harvard 

Has received the proofs and will mail them somewhere along the way to New Mexico.   W. S. C.   [Stout #830]

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