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To Ferris GreensletJan. 11, [1920]Harvard 

Likes the new binding of O Pioneers!. Now how about a new jacket? Still no telephone. Could he come in next Saturday evening [Jan. 17]? He would also be welcome for tea on Friday, when she is customarily in for visitors.   W. S. C.   [Stout #491]

To Mary Miner CreightonDec. 1, [1921], from New YorkNewberry 

Enclosing a clipping from the Boston Evening Transcript about the painter Mary met when she was here.   Willie   [Stout #564]

To William Allen WhiteJune 22, 1922, from New YorkEmporia  UNL

Dorothy Canfield leaving for Italy on Saturday [24th]. She has done so much for the book, including arranging to review it for the New York Times. Sinclair Lewis to review it for the New York Evening Post. Might he consider doing so? Knopf will send an advance copy in August.   Willa Sibert Cather   [Stout #603]

To Elizabeth Shepley SergeantOct. 4, [1922]PM 

Sorry Elsie had to order a copy of the novel; should have remembered to send one. Enjoyed a recent visit with the William Allen Whites; he teased her about being abandoned by the more literary reviewers. Debate about the book in magazines and newspapers very lively. Nothing interesting in New York on the literary scene except John Galsworthy's new play, Loyalties, on a Jewish theme. After seeing him at the theater jammed between two Jewish matrons on a hot evening, wonders if he's having second thoughts. Beyond the royalties it will bring, feels One of Ours advanced her in her writing.   W. S. C.   [Stout #625]

To Wilbur CrossOct. 11, 1922, from New YorkBeinecke 

People seem to have strong feelings about One of Ours, pro or con. Has been thinking he might like a memoir about Mrs. James T. Fields [for Yale Review], but through a misunderstanding Henry Seidel Canby is expecting such a piece from her [for Literary Review, New York Evening Post]. No longer interested in doing the article she discussed with Miss McAfee a year ago. Wants to keep working on a new novelette [ A Lost Lady ].   Willa Sibert Cather   [Stout #626]

To Francis O. MatthiessenJune 10, [1926?], from Santa FeBeinecke 

Always glad to help make Sarah Orne Jewett's work better known. Won't be back to New York until December. Review Mr. [DeWolfe] Howe spoke about was in Literary Review of the New York Evening Post.   Willa Cather   [Stout #839]

To Miss [Marion Edwards] ParkDec. 1, [1926], from New YorkBryn Mawr 

Steadfastly refuses to speak at colleges, but nevertheless feels inclined to accept her invitation. Evening of December 16 possible. Please, no public reception before the lecture.   Willa Cather   [Stout #861]

To Mary Virginia Auld,  Monday [Jan. 24, 1927] , from New YorkUNL 

Spoke at Bryn Mawr on Thursday evening. [Error for Tuesday, January 18? College newspaper printed a report on her talk on January 19.] Enjoyed it, but has subsequently had a lumbago attack. Is in bed today and will probably miss the American Society of Civil Engineering dinner on Wednesday. Was invited by the President of the Great Northern Railroad and has looked forward to meeting men who would be attending.   W. S. C.   [Stout #870]

To Blanche Knopf,  Wednesday [ Apr. 15, 1936? ] HRC 

Sorry, but can't have dinner with them tonight. Got chilled in the park yesterday and has lost her voice. Did she see the letter in the Saturday Review about her and [Sinclair] Lewis? Has liked their advertising recently.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1313]

To Thomas MasarykDec. 1, 1923 [error for 1936?] ; Berkeley 

Is sending him a book of essays including one he may especially enjoy about Boston before World War I, "148 Charles Street," which begins on page 52. Thinks of the years before 1914 as a pleasant time in Europe and America when one could travel without passport to so many wonderful places that it was hard to choose. Always remembers his good words to her.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1334]

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