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To Mariel GereMar. 12, [1896] from Red Cloud, Nebr.WCPM 

Feels exiled. Why doesn't Mariel write? Cooks sometimes to relieve boredom. Rides bicycle when weather permits. Planned and orchestrated a wedding breakfast for her [Cather's] cousin and Hugh Miner. Looked after the children the previous week while parents went to Hastings. Enjoys playing cards and going visiting with Douglass and Roscoe, when he comes to town. Has been reading Arabian Nights and Alice in Wonderland to James.   Willa   [Stout #22]

To Sarah Orne JewettOct. 24, [1908], from 82 Washington Place, New YorkHarvard 

Is pleased that she and Mrs. Fields liked the first part of Mrs. Ward's story; will send the outline of the rest. Mrs. Fields the only person left who evokes the dignity of the New England past. Has been enjoying Fields's poems. She and Edith Lewis liking their apartment. Get their own dinner three evenings a week and go to the Brevoort [Hotel] the other nights. Fears Jewett won't like her story in the December issue.   Willa   [Stout #140]

To H. G. DwightApril 5, [1916], from 5 Bank Street, New YorkAmherst 

[Also included: a calling card with "Miss Willa Sibert Cather/ Fridays/ Five Bank Street" printed on it, with a note in Cather's hand saying that she is welcoming visitors on Friday afternoons until May 1; a second calling card, with "Miss Willa Sibert Cather" printed on it and, in what appears to be Isabelle McClung Hambourg's hand, "Mr. Dwight—We shall be here by half past eight—Will you please wait for us —"]Thanks for dropping her name in the preface to his wonderful book [Stamboul Nights, Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, Page & Company, 1916], which she just received from Pittsburgh. Knows three of the stories, and will know the others within a day (we write slowly but read quickly). Please come to visit some Friday. May and Marie Willard left recently. Perhaps Roselle, New Jersey, is too distant, but hopes he can make the journey some Friday.   Willa Cather 

To Twinnies [Margaret and Elizabeth Cather]August 12, [1936?], on W.S.C. letterhead ; UNL-Roscoe 

Roses and hollyhocks are blooming, and the goldenrod on the cliff plays beautifully against the violet sea. The moon has tracked through the sky the last week until it seemed to rise out of the sea right in front of them, looking like a dented copper cook pot as it became gibbous. The streak of light from it looked like a footpath from moon to cliff. Have had rainy nights and bright days. The grass has greened, and the monkshood provides a purple border to the gray house. Warm weather brings them out to their chairs after dinner. Have had no need for a fire for a week. Ralph and Mrs. Beal are cleaning while she writes in the attic. The proofs of the new book were read last week. Went to Bright Angels on Saturday, but no twin was there with them. Oh, how they are missed. Misses Bromhall, Jordan, and Glissing send regards. They must come again before something monumental happens in their lives, like a marriage. The visit will happen if they all wish it. Perhaps next time it should be August, when the water has warmed and the whales appear. Were looking for their boat from the shore the day they departed, but couldn't see it. Maybe their parents could join them next time. Going to Southern Head if the weather holds tomorrow, and will remember their time there together.   Aunt Willie.