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To Ferris GreensletSept. 21, 1940, from New YorkHarvard 

Appreciated his offering her a copy of Lord Tweedsmuir, but didn't answer because completing her new book. Knopf pleased with it. Has not yet received Audubon's America, and looks forward to it as well as the book on Tweedsmuir. Glad they have both known such fine people. Greatly admires the present conduct of the British. Even Stephen Tennant, as pampered as he has been, says he is proud to be in England now. Finished reading Churchill's Life of Marlborough at Grand Manan and considers it a very great work. P.S.: The books have arrived.  Willa Cather   [Stout #1491]

To Van Wyck BrooksOct. 14, 1940Penn 

Shares his high opinion of Archibald MacLeish's statement about the war. [MacLeish called on the U.S. to enter the war in order to defend democracy against fascism.] People pay far too little attention to statements by important leaders. No one has made more forceful and important statements than Winston Churchill, but neither he nor MacLeish is likely to be able to wake people up to the dangers.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1496]

To Zoë AkinsDec. 6, [1941?]UVa 

Glad to receive her card. 1942 promises to be a bad year. Does admire Churchill, though. Suggests she read Gregor Ziemer, Education for Death [1941], which was called to her attention by Sigrid Undset.   Willa   [Stout #1561]

To Sigrid Undset,  Christmas Eve [Dec. 24, 1941] Oslo 

Flowers she sent brightened the day. Has not felt so excited about Christmas since childhood. Maybe Churchill [who had come to confer with Roosevelt after the recent bombing of Pearl Harbor] traveled by reindeer like Santa Claus. His presence and his shrewd, searching gaze would wither political pettiness. He knows the American idiom from his mother, and American politicians will realize he is sharper than they are. His coming is almost a miracle. Reminds her that the battle cry of the Crusaders was "God with us!"   [Stout #1566]

To Ferris GreensletFeb. 16, 1942Harvard 

Has received his letter but wants to think about proposal from Reader's Book Club. Not sure she wants her income increased, with income tax taking so much of it. Believes this would cut into regular sales. News from England very bad. Wonders if even Churchill is losing his strength. Undset's book about escape from Norway and journey through Russia is extraordinary. Wishes she had titled it more simply. Willa Cather. P.S.: Has thought about it and does not agree. [Stout #1571]

To Dorothy Canfield FisherMar. 31, [1943]UVt 

Read her article about France in the Yale Review. Meant to write but didn't know what to say and was down from appendix and gallbladder operation. Lost sixteen pounds. Recovering well now but sometimes wonders what is the purpose, when the world is being smashed up. Doesn't care to live to see the new world that is being promised. P.S.: But England and Churchill are admirable!  Willa   [Stout #1624]