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To Mary Virginia Cather [January 25, 1929?] , from the Grosvenor Hotel, New York CityUNL-Southwick 

Is not typing the letter because Edith is sleeping. Has a bad, atypical cold—no cough but a very hoarse voice. Didn't mother used to get such an ailment? Had tea with Myra Hess recently, but could not talk, so she played the piano. Donovan [Albert Donovan?] came over—saw him last at Christmas. Jessie's Christmas letter preached about diet and reported that she convinced a doctor to feed mother barley water exclusively. Did not bother to respond. Will stay in a hotel when she comes to see mother so as not to burden her and Elsie. Sleep well.   Willa 

To Trixie Mizer FloranceDecember 22, [1946?]Drew U (Caspersen 54) 

Has not seen Myra, who has been ill and traveling often. Trixie's illness adds her to a list of friends poisoned by penicillin. Would only accept the medication from an experienced physician, like those at Johns Hopkins or the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Is not working much, though had productive time at Northeast Harbor, Maine, during the summer. Is focusing on fixing up her apartment since she delayed repairs during the war. Chairs were falling apart, but the upholsterer repaired them wonderfully. Has never been a careless bohemian artist! Marutha Menuhin sent thirty pounds of kitchen gear from San Francisco since it is more available on the west coast. Merry Christmas.   Willa 

To Trixie Mizer FloranceAugust 12, 1945Drew U (Caspersen 54) 

Has requested that Myra Hess send Trixie a photograph.   Willa 

To Mrs. Frank Grippen of Spokane, WashingtonJanuary 14, 1931, from the Grosvenor, New YorkDrew U (Caspersen 53) 

Sorry for slow response. Oswald was Myra Henshaw's "mortal enemy" [in My Mortal Enemy]. She saw such powerful love as spoiling one's internal peace, and that simply is what the novel is about.   Willa Cather 

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