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To Yaltah Menuhin,  Monday night [Feb. 27, 1939, pm. Feb. 28, 1939] , from New YorkPrinceton 

Has heard from her mother that she has bronchitis. Is enjoying the miniature orange tree she sent. Yehudi is in Jaffrey enjoying the snow and the mountains [?—see #1438]. Mozart once wrote, "Happiness? That is in the imagination"—may mean that happiness is not real or may mean that only people with imagination can be happy. Real seeing, like real happiness, is inward. Now will use imagination and think of Yaltah as being well.   Aunt Willa   [Stout #1439]

To Mrs. William Stix [Yaltah Menuhin]Apr. 11, [1939]Princeton 

Yehudi surprised her for Easter with some recordings made in England not released in the U.S. One was their recording of Mozart's Sonata in B-flat. Has enjoyed it. Glad she is living where the weather is sunny. Very cold in New York. P.S.: Stephen is at Rhodes.  Aunt Willa   [Stout #1449]