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To Roscoe CatherApril 11, [1928], on Alfred A. Knopf letterhead ; UNL-Roscoe 

Has been consoled by her stay at their parents' house. Has had new paper put in all the first floor but the parlor. This meant stripping off four layers of old wallpaper—what a mess! Left the one room as it was so their mother could appreciate the familiarity. Had their father's old room done in a cheerful British chintz paper, which their mother will like. The landscaping has been improved, and a new curtain put up in the front dining room. The back dining room still looks nice. After she leaves, the old Bohemian painter Ondrals [?] will work on the bathroom. These dirty repairs, including lots of plastering, would have been too nerve-wracking for mother, if she had been there. Is very happy with how things turned out and has enjoyed spending her money this way. His check has come; will apply it to his loan balance when she gets to New York. Will remain in Red Cloud for a few days before going to the Mayo Clinic and then to New York. Edith's mother's health continues to decline; what a hard way to go. Sends love to Roscoe and his family.   Willie.