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To Frederick AdamsSeptember 17, [1935], from the Hotel Royal Danieli, VeneziaDrew U (Adams 168.1) 

No, is not the author of the introduction to the McClure's publication of Miss Milmine's book [The Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy, first published in McClure's January 1907 through June 1908]. Only started working on it after the introduction and the first part appeared in the magazine. Did it only because Mr. McClure asked her to. Will not release a statement, as it will only inspire unwanted correspondence. Why does this unimportant editorial work continue to be a burden to her?   Willa Cather 

To Roscoe CatherJuly 19 [1918], on letterhead of The Shattuck Inn, Jaffrey, NHUNL-Roscoe 

Thanks to Meta for the delightful photographs of the twins! Neither she nor Edith Lewis will be able to come to Wyoming, as the rising costs of rail travel make it too expensive. Mother tells her, though, that Roscoe will be in Red Cloud with Virginia this summer. Plans to be there for a month beginning August 15. Hopes he will be there then. Is rejoicing in the reports from France, and especially G. P.'s citation. Many people have asked if the Cather mentioned in all the New York newspapers is her relative. Glad his citation is for such a practical kind of heroism. Is busy reading proofs of her new book at this quiet inn. It is an odd book, or at least different than the others. Did he know that her other novels are included in many college courses? And wasn't he surprised by Jack? Hasn't met the girl, but if she's respectable and a good speller, it will probably be great for him. Certainly Roscoe's marriage has been. PS: The American soldiers are so impressive! (Is having a hard time writing with the terrible ink provided by the hotel).  Willie. 

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