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To Blanche KnopfApr. 28, [1931]HRC 

Please relay her thanks to Van Loon. Suggests she see May issue of Atlantic Monthly for something by her drawn from Virginia [poem "Poor Marty"]. So glad to have caught the errors in Shadows.   W. S. C.   [Stout #1049]

To Roscoe Cather May 2, [1931], on letterhead of the Las Encinas Sanitarium, Pasadena, CAUNL-Roscoe 

When in Paris last summer, ordered a piece of luggage identical to Jan Hambourg's, but recently received a nice one from the Knopfs', and since the Paris bag, which is actually a man's bag, has never been used, wants to give it to him for his frequent traveling. Though it bears her initials, that can be altered. Apparently her initials are in demand these days: a monogrammed cigarette case of hers recently sold for $25 at a Catholic church fair. Funny how things change: her smoking used to be an embarrassment for the family! Hopes he saw her poem in the May Atlantic Monthly ["Poor Marty," Atlantic Monthly 147 (May 1931): 585-587]. People seem to think highly of it. Has been nauseated for a few days, but mother is well.   Willie.