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To S. S. McClure,  Wednesday [Mar. 13, 1912?] Indiana 

Mrs. McClung had a stroke Saturday night and was unconscious until Tuesday afternoon. Now has some body movement and dim consciousness. Seems to have a chance. Is resting, but the fright of this illness has caused her [Cather] to regress somewhat. Glad he likes "Spanish Johnny," who was a real person she knew as a child. When will he sail?   Willa Cather   [Stout #217]

To Alice Hunt Bartlett1925 pub. in part in Poetry Review of London, quoted in Bohlke

Does not regard herself as an "effective force in American poetry," as Bartlett said. Of her own poetry, believes "A Likeness," "A Silver Cup," "Going Home," and "Macon Prairie" are the best. The most popular is probably "Spanish Johnny."   [Stout #769]

To Alice Corbin HendersonNov. 8, 1927LincCity 

Gives permission to use "Spanish Johnny" but only as printed in April Twilights, not the garbled version in the anthology edited by Harriet Monroe. Is glad she likes Archbishop. Many people don't because they find it defies classification.   Willa Cather   [Stout #908]