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To Mrs. Sidney FloranceFeb. 23, [1942]Newberry 

Enclosing two form letters regarding the Myra Hess Fund, to which she is a regular contributor.   Willa   [Stout #1574]

To Bishop George BeecherMar. 12, 1947, transcription made by Bernice Slote ; UNL 

Was grieved to learn of the death of Mrs. Beecher. Delayed writing until sufficiently recovered from the strain of her right hand to do so by hand. Does not write to many people in Red Cloud any longer, but does write to Carrie Sherwood and Mary Creighton and to Sidney Florance and his wife. Glad the hospital board is making such a good use of her family's old home. Some of the people in the country out from Red Cloud have written telling her how kind her mother was to them when they came to town. These are the memories one cherishes. Prays that he can bear up under the loneliness that has come to him.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1754]

To Elsie Cather,  Wednesday [April 15, 1936?] UNL-Rosowski Cather 

Feels sure Elsie is exhausted after Easter, so doesn't want her to write at length about visit until after she's recuperated, but please respond to enclosed typed page of questions [enclosure not now with letter]—just the facts, not extended answers. Also enclosed is pleasant correspondence from Trix. The Mizer women are amazingly dignified in their ability to remain so positive after such a difficult life. Has been sick this Easter, but did get cards written and sent. Went with Yehudi to see Parsifal on Good Friday before the family left for the west. Roscoe has been delighting in his visit with Douglass in Long Beach. Take care, and don't be too concerned about the bleak events of Red Cloud. Carrie, Mary, and Vernon can bear it daily, so the abstract thought of it ought to be endurable. Hopes Mollie got the checks.   Willie 

To Sidney and Trixie Mizer Florance,  Thursday [December 1945?] Drew U (Caspersen 54) 

Took letter to Pennsylvania hotel yesterday and was informed that the Florances were not on the reservation list. Has discovered the following after a long time on the telephone: 1) room 1245 is taken, 2) letter to Sidney still in the office. Letter contains invitation to dinner Friday (tomorrow). Unlisted telephone number is Regent 4-8354. Please call to make arrangements. Can change dinner to Saturday, but would need sufficient notice to reschedule domestic help. How complicated! Looks forward to seeing them.   Willa 

To Trixie Mizer Florance,  undated [1945-47?] Drew U (Caspersen 54) 

To Trix with much love. PS: They [accompanying gift] are very fresh and from Superior.  Willa 

To Sidney FloranceFebruary 26, [1946]Drew U (Caspersen 54) 

Had to sign deed he sent the very day she returned home from the hospital, and is afraid Miss Bloom's businesslike letter that accompanied it sounded rude. Excuse them both. PS: Health is improving; is now able to walk many blocks.  Willa Cather 

To Sidney FloranceAugust 11, [1945]Drew U (Caspersen 54) 

Has followed his advice and asked Mr. Crowell to ask $3,200 for the Osborne land. Dropping of atomic bomb has made all her doings seem very small and unimportant. He need not return enclosed newspaper clipping; Major Eliot has been the most reliable analyst of the war.   Willa Cather 

To Sidney FloranceFebruary 28, 1947Drew U (Caspersen 54) 

On September 30, 1946, the bank sent receipt of her $200 gift to the Red Cloud Hospital Fund, a little amount given to be polite. Carrie Sherwood's October letter, which lay unseen until January 22, enlightened her as to the very real need in Red Cloud for the hospital, which she did not fully understand before. Apologizes for mentioning him and the Peoples-Webster County Bank when dealing with the Stern & Reubens firm. Trusted the old man, an expert in copyright law, who used to manage her complicated taxes, but the man to whom he turned over the account, Alexander Scheer, is her natural enemy. PS: Will write a better letter to Trix soon. Dealing with foreign publishers has been grueling.  Willa Cather 

To Sidney FloranceDecember 18, 1946Drew U (Caspersen 54) 

Please mail a year-end balance statement and a new firm-backed checkbook. Happy New Year.   Willa Cather 

To Trixie Mizer Florance,  Tuesday [December 1945?] Drew U (Caspersen 54) 

Excited to see her! Please bring Sidney and come to dinner; can decide when via telephone. Unlisted number is Regent 4-8354. Hopes to talk intimately the way they used to in Trix's Red Cloud parlor.   Willa