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To Mary Rice JewettDec. 29, [1916], from New YorkHarvard 

So glad she had Sarah Orne Jewett's poems printed. Delighted to receive a copy. Spent six months in the West this year and is in very good health. Is going to the dock today to see Arthur Foote's daughter off to join the ambulance service in France. Real happiness impossible until the war is over. Has not heard from Miss Guiney for a long time. Please write soon.   Willa   [Stout #376]

To Mr. MauriceJuly 30, [1922], from Bread Loaf InnUVa 

Sorry she is not at home and can't provide letters from ordinary readers.   Willa Cather   [Stout #611]

To Arthur B. Maurice,  Saturday [Oct. 1922?] , from New YorkPrinceton 

Would like to review Dorothy Canfield's next book, not this one. Too soon after she reviewed One of Ours.   Willa Sibert Cather   [Stout #632]

To [Frank Arthur] SwinnertonSept. 18, [1924], from Grand MananArkansas 

Appreciated his sending her the Proust Within a Budding Grove. Glad he has had a good trip to Rome. Received an honorary doctorate from University of Michigan in June, then went to Red Cloud. Here on the island since early August, writing. Impossible to tell when a good work period will come. Leaving in three days for Boston and back to New York.   Willa Cather   [Stout #745]

To Mary AustinJune 26, 1926, from Santa FeHuntington 

Went to her house a week ago to see if she could work there and has gone back every day since then. Very quiet and congenial. Sits in blue chair with big window open and writes on knee. Likes the big room, breeze coming in at the window. Very generous of her to offer the use of it. Meant to be at Taos, but Tony Luhan has been in hospital in Albuquerque and Mabel with him. Will go in early July, when Miss Foote will be there. Hopes her operation is done soon. Waiting is bad.   Willa Cather   [Stout #840]

To Mrs. Henri Raffy [Katherine Foote],  n.d. [pm. Mar. 10, 1937] , from 570 Park Avenue, New YorkPM 

So glad to hear from her. World seems to be going down a whirlpool. Hopes they can meet again before it drops to destruction. Remembers the past as being much happier. P.S.: Usually keeps her address secret, but is sending it to her.  Willa Cather   [Stout #1358]

To Fanny Butcher,  n.d. [Dec. 1941?] Newberry 

Hand somewhat stiff from months in steel brace, but almost well. Wishing her a merry Christmas.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1563]

To Mrs. Arthur J. McElhone,  [ American Academy of Arts and Letters ] [from Sarah J. Bloom, secretary] Apr. 28, 1942AAAL 

Cather unable to locate an early photograph of herself. Is sending one supplied by her niece, Virginia Auld. Please return it.   Sarah J. Bloom, Secretary   [Stout #1581]

To Arthur Train [President, National Institute of Arts and Letters]Dec. 23, 1943AAAL 

Is delighted to accept the Institute's Gold Medal for fiction. Sorry to be late replying, but was away.   Willa Cather   [Stout #1650]

To Elsie CatherSeptember 21, 1940UNL-Rosowski Cather 

Knows a lot about the young Queen [Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother] discussed in enclosed article. The queen is friends with Myra Hess and Anita Gunn. The Queen's father is a poor Scottish landowner, and another daughter of a poor Scottish landowner, Lady Dolly Mackenzie, married into the Hambourg family and is very economical. Anita Gunn was raised on a farm that adjoined the Queen's before there was any thought that she would be Queen. The royal family summered in the Scottish Highlands and George [George VI, Albert Frederick Arthur George Windsor] liked to play tennis with Elizabeth. As Duke of York he had no hope of ascending the throne, so could marry a poor girl. Queen Mary [Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes, Princess of Teck], being Scottish, did not object. Elizabeth a natural queen. She did lovely things in Canada; ordinary people are full of stories about her visit. Had heard a great deal about her from Myra and Anita Gunn, so was not taken by surprise.