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To Dr. Julius TyndaleSept. 21, [1921], from Red Cloud, Nebr.UVa 

He may find this telegram from her publisher interesting. It's about the new novel. [Encloses copy of telegram from Alfred Knopf praising One of Ours, still in typescript.]   Willa Cather   [Stout #553]

To Irene Miner Weisz,  Monday [Oct. 31, 1921] , from LincolnNewberry 

Heard that some people in the audience thought she used the word "smart" to mean "shrewd." She meant it in the sense of style. Glad she came, because Dr. Tyndale enjoyed it.   Willa   [Stout #557]

To Dorothy Canfield Fisher,  n.d. [March 1922?] , apparently a fragment ; UVt 

Proofs have arrived, and Dorothy's questions will help her make improvements. Is certain, though, about the independent or traveling guns of the British. Incident of the killing of the German with the locket was from something a young officer told her; she used it because he didn't seem to understand and she liked that. The little girl and the terrible baby also from something told her by a soldier. Used the diary of a physician [Dr. Frederic Sweeney, Jaffrey, N.H.] for the flu epidemic on the transport ship. Is sure of the date U.S. troops went into battle at Chateau Thierry. Claude's feeling about David's violin was from her own feeling of inferiority when they were in France in 1902. Knows readers won't give the book a chance because it is a war novel.   [Stout #588]

To Sister [Jessica Cather Auld?],  Saturday [Dec. 1923?] TWU 

Saw Dr. Fordyce, the skin specialist, yesterday, and he diagnosed problem as ringworm; said she must have been in contact with an animal that had it. Cut ten pieces of skin away and sent to a laboratory, and they found ringworm fungus in every piece. First noticed the blisters about two months ago when she was in France. Dog there had seemed to have mange but had recovered several weeks before she noticed the places. Doctor said it takes six weeks to two months to incubate. Has had x-ray treatments and will probably have three more; using iodine and a zinc lotion. Was able to go to the theatre last night wearing long sleeves and gloves. Colored maid is working out well; cooks lunch, does all the cleaning and washing, and manages well with all the shopping and errands; is happy to do that for $20 a week. Happy holidays to everyone. [unsigned; possibly a last page missing]   [Stout #708]

To Miss Chapin,  n.d. [prob. Aug. 1924] , from Grand MananUVa 

Does not review books. Please congratulate Dr. Leach on the revived Forum. Glad he could get the fine story by Miss Sedgwick.   Willa Cather   [Stout #740]

To Dr. Stacy and Dr. Moench [?] [Nov. 1925?] , on stationery of the Kahler Hotel, Rochester, Minn.UVa 

Appreciated the flowers when she left. Enjoyed meeting them.   Willa Cather   [Stout #804]

To Francis O. MatthiessenJan. 3, 1927Beinecke 

Plans to write a short critical study of Jewett in the next year or so, but that won't prevent his doing so. Suggests he approach Mary Jewett and Dr. Eastman, as well as Ferris Greenslet. Only letters to her from Jewett that she wishes to make public are in the Fields edition.   Willa Cather   [Stout #867]

To Mary JewettMay 30, 1928, from New YorkHarvard 

So appreciated Dr. Eastman's letter. Stopped by Mayo Clinic on the way home, but the problem proved insignificant. Hotel maid promptly fell ill with influenza, and she caught it from her. Was in bed two weeks. Is still quite weak. Will go accept an honorary degree from Columbia June 5, then to Grand Manan with a friend to recuperate. Doesn't feel well enough to stop by Boston. Keeps thinking of her and is glad her nephew wrote.   Willa Cather   [Stout #936]

To Carrie Miner SherwoodJan. 21, [1929?], from Hotel Grosvenor, New YorkWCPM 

Has had bronchitis. Sorry not to have come for Christmas. Likes design for stained glass window, but with mother's illness can't deal with it. How is Dr. Creighton? P.S.: Enclosing check for church.  Willie   [Stout #957]

To Carrie Miner Sherwood,  n.d. [December 1929?] , from New YorkWCPM 

Glad to hear Dr. Creighton and Mary are accompanying her on her trip.   Willie   [Stout #992]

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