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    Daudet, Alphonse

  1. Author: Daudet, Alphonse
    Title: "The Pope's Mule"
    Date: 1893
    Genre: fiction
    Note Relating to Cather: Cather visits the Avignon, France, bridge described in the story.
    Note Source: Journal 9/28/1902

  2. Author: Daudet, Alphonse
    Title: Kings in Exile
    Date: 1879
    Genre: fiction
    Note Relating to Cather: In an 1894 Journal article, Cather writes: "Anyone who has read and liked Daudet's Kings in Exile will find in [Stevenson's] Prince Otto deep and lasting pleasure." In an 1897 Home Monthly article, Cather writes: "It is a story of maternal love, and nowhere has that sacred theme been handled more reverentially."
    Note Source: Journal 12/23/1894; Home Monthly 3/1897

  3. Author: Daudet, Alphonse
    Title: L'Arlesienne
    Date: 1872
    Genre: drama
    Note Relating to Cather: "By the English-speaking world Daudet is known chiefly as a novelist; in France his rank as a dramatist is almost as high. The only one of his dramas which has been produced in America is L'Arlesienne which Minnie Maddern Fiske played under the rather inadequate title of The Liar.
    Note Source: Courier 1/22/1898

  4. Author: Daudet, Alphonse
    Title: Les Rois en Exil
    Date: 1879
    Genre: fiction
    Note Relating to Cather: In "The Prodigies,"Nelson Mackenzie recalls Daudet's novel, Les Rois en Exil, as he watches Kate Massey push her children's careers.
    Note Source: Collected Short Fiction 1892-1912 418

  5. Author: Daudet, Alphonse
    Title: Numa Roumestan
    Date: 1881
    Genre: fiction
    Note Relating to Cather: "[Daudet] knew his own weakness, had made the confession of himself and his countrymen in Numa Roumestan."
    Note Source: Courier 1/22/1898

  6. Author: Daudet, Alphonse
    Title: Sapho
    Date: 1884
    Genre: fiction
    Note Relating to Cather: Eden Bower finds "books like 'Sapho' and 'Mademoiseele de Maupin,' secretly sold in paper covers throughout Illinois." In a World and the Parish review, Cather's sympathetic portrayal of a prostitute in "At the Theatre" (Nebraska State Journal 12/14/1893) "may have owed something to Daudet's Sapho; Cather apparently read the book in 1891," according to a letter to Mariel Gere. In an 1898 Courier article, Cather writes: "But once and only once did Daudet rise to the full measure of his power, only once did Tartarin become wholly serious and possessed of a great creative purpose, only once did Daudet entirely sacrifice the Provencal to the artist; that was when he wrote Sapho."
    Note Source: Uncle Valentine and Other Stories 158; World and the Parish 1:24; Courier 1/22/1898

  7. Author: Daudet, Alphonse
    Title: Thirty Years of Paris and of My Literary Life
    Date: 1887
    Genre: nonfiction
    Note Relating to Cather: In an essay on various stage adaptations of Scenes de la vie de Boheme (1848) by Henri Murger, Cather describes a story based on "The End of a Mountebank and of Murger's Bohemia," in Alphonse Daudet's Thirty Years of Paris. In a Courier piece after Daudet's death, Cather retells an anecdote of a disconcerting experience revealed in Thirty Years of Paris and of My Literary Life.
    Note Source: Journal 4/5/1896; Courier 1/22/1898

  8. Author: Daudet, Alphonse
    Note Relating to Cather: In a 1902 Journal Cather writes, as she recalls gazing upon the Mediterranean, "as Daudet said, one becomes a part of the foam that drifts, of the wind that blows, and of the pines that answer." The last of Cather's "Special Correspondence" from Europe celebrates Daudet's hometown. In a 1902 Journal article, Cather quotes Daudet in a description of Camargue's herdsmen.
    Note Source: Journal 10/12/1902; Journal 10/12/1902; Journal 10/19/1902

  9. Author: Daudet, Alphonse
    Title: Femmes d'Artistes
    Date: 1873
    Genre: fiction
    Note Relating to Cather: George Seibel reports that Femmes d'Artistes was the first book that he, his wife Helen, and Cather read together when they began to meet "once or twice a week to "'read French.'" Seibel recalled the stories as "bubbling with malicious delight in feminine foibles." In a Courier article, Cather writes, "What a superb piece of irony that the man who wrote Les Femmes d'Artistes and so bitterly condemned marriage for artists, should have married the woman he loved and should have loved her through a lifetime."
    Note Source: Willa Cather Remembered 12; Courier 1/22/1898

  10. Author: Daudet, Alphonse
    Title: Monday Tales
    Date: 1873 French ed., 1900 American ed.
    Genre: fiction
    Note Relating to Cather: Cather assigned Monday Tales to Fred Otte the summer that she tutored him in Pittsburgh.
    Note Source: Willa Cather Remembered 45