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    Scott, Sir Walter

  1. Author: Scott, Sir Walter
    Title: Ivanhoe
    Date: 1819
    Genre: fiction
    Note Relating to Cather: In an 1897 Home Monthly article Cather writes: "Anyone who has never sat in the hall of Cedric the Saxon, never laughed with the poor jester, never watched the fight from the window beside Rebecca of York, has missed some of the good things of life." In an 1899 Courier article Cather writes: "Consider, for instance, the masterly and yet laborious method by which Scott constructs his stage, assembles his dramatis personae and produces his atmosphere."
    Note Source: Home Monthly 2/1897; Courier 8/26/1899

  2. Author: Scott, Sir Walter
    Title: Marmion
    Date: 1808
    Genre: poetry
    Note Relating to Cather: In "Behind the Singer Tower," Fred Hallet uses a quotation from Marmion to describe Stanley Merryweather's habit of giving jobs to former classmates: "Largess, largess, Lord Marmion , all as he lighted down." In The Song of the Lark, Constance de Beverley, a nun in Scott's dramatic poem, is one of Dr. Archie's "heroines." In "Ardessa," Cather echoes words of Lochinvar: "come out of the west" to describe Marcus O'Mally.
    Note Source: Collected Short Fiction 48; Song of the Lark Part I, Chap. 12; "Ardessa," Uncle Valentine and Other Stories 101

  3. Author: Scott, Sir Walter
    Title: The Fair Maid of Perth
    Date: 1828
    Genre: fiction
    Note Relating to Cather: Dr. Archie "liked Scott's women. Constance de Beverley and the minstrel girl in 'The Fair Maid of Perth' ... were his heroines." The "minstrel girl," Louise, throws herself from a cliff when her love, Prince James, is murdered.
    Note Source: Song of the Lark Part I, Chap. 12

  4. Author: Scott, Sir Walter
    Title: Waverley Novels
    Date: 1814-1831
    Genre: fiction
    Note Relating to Cather: In The Song of the Lark, Dr. Archie "enjoyed the Waverley Novels," Scott's series of 32 historical tales. In "Before Breakfast," Henry Grenfill likes to read something "human--the old fellows: Scott and Dickens and Fielding." The Rosens, in "Old Mrs. Harris," own a set of the Waverley novels in German.
    Note Source: Song of the Lark Part I, Chap. 12; The Old Beauty and Others 147-8; Obscure Destinies 87

  5. Author: Scott, Sir Walter
    Genre: fiction
    Note Relating to Cather: In The Song of the Lark, Dr. Archie prefers Scott's women to Balzac's.
    Note Source: The Song of the Lark Book I, chap. 12