Bibliography of Willa Cather's Reading

This bibliography was created by Sharon Hoover and Melissa Ryan. They know that the existing work, though large, is incomplete, and they invite interested scholars, readers, and students to submit new works to the bibliography. To do so, please contact the editor of the Willa Cather Archive at . Any resource that attempts to be comprehensive depends upon a community of scholars, readers, and other interested parties.

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Total Number of Entries in Reading Bibliography: 1056

    Titles beginning with D

  1. The Damnation of Theron Ware  by Harold Frederic
  2. Damon and Pythias  by Richard Edwards
  3. Dans les nuages  by Sarah Bernhardt
  4. The Daughter of the Vine  by Gertrude Atherton
  5. David Balfour  by Robert Louis Stevenson
  6. David Copperfield  by Charles Dickens
  7. David Grieve  by Mary Ward (Mrs. Humphry Ward)
  8. The Day's Work  by Rudyard Kipling
  9. The Day of Glory  by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  10. Dead Man's Rock  by Arthur Quiller-Couch
  11. Dear Folks at Home: The Glorious Story of the United States Marines in France as Told by Their Letters from the Battlefield
  12. "Death and Doctor Hornbook"  by Robert Burns
  13. Death in the Afternoon  by Ernest Hemingway
  14. "A Death in the Desert"  by Robert Browning
  15. The Death of Ivan Ilyich  by Leo Tolstoy
  16. The Deemster  by Hall Caine
  17. The Deepening Stream  by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  18. Degeneration  by Max Nordau
  19. The Deluge  by Henryk Sienkiewicz
  20. "Den Lille Botsmannen"
  21. The Devil's Disciple  by George Bernard Shaw
  22. Diana's Hunting  by Robert Buchanan
  23. Diana of the Crossways  by George Meredith
  24. "Die Lorelei"  by Heinrich Heine
  25. Differences  by Hervey White
  26. "The Distinction of Our Poetry"  by Josephine Doge Daskam
  27. A Distinguished Provincial in Paris  by Honore de Balzac
  28. The Divine Comedy  by Dante Alighieri
  29. The Doctor Looks at Literature  by Joseph Collins
  30. The Dolly Dialogues  by Anthony Hope (Anthony Hope Hawkins)
  31. "Don Juan"  by Nicolaus Lenau
  32. Don Juan  by George Gordon Byron
  33. Don Orsino  by F. Marion Crawford
  34. Donovan  by Edna Lyall
  35. The Doomswoman  by Gertrude Atherton
  36. The Downfall  by Emile Zola
  37. Dramatic Essays (Hunt)  by Leigh Hunt
  38. Dramatic Essays (Lamb)  by Charles Lamb
  39. Dreamers of the Ghetto  by Israel Zangwill
  40. The Drummer Boy of Shiloh: A New Military Allegory  by F.B. Wigle
  41. Duel of Hearts  by Maida Craigen