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This bibliography was created by Sharon Hoover and Melissa Ryan. They know that the existing work, though large, is incomplete, and they invite interested scholars, readers, and students to submit new works to the bibliography. To do so, please contact the editor of the Willa Cather Archive at . Any resource that attempts to be comprehensive depends upon a community of scholars, readers, and other interested parties.

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    "Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard"

  1. Author: Gray, Thomas
    Title: "Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard"
    Date: 1742
    Genre: poetry
    Note Relating to Cather: Albert Engelhardt in "Double Birthday" is referring to Gray's poem when he uses the phrase "even in our ashes." (Ev'n in our ashes live their wonted fires.")
    Note Source: Uncle Valentine and Other Stories 63