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    "Poor Richard's Almanack"

  1. Author: Franklin, Benjamin
    Title: "Poor Richard's Almanack"
    Date: 1733-1758
    Genre: nonfiction
    Note Relating to Cather: In Sapphira and the Slave Girl, Sapphira quotes an almanac aphorism: "Hospitality, like fish, stinks after three days." She goes on to point out, however, that southern hospitality stretches out as long as the visitor pleases. John March (282) suggests that similar sayings can be found in the June 1733 and the June 1736 editions of the almanac. Wick Cutter, in My Antonia, is fond of quoting "Poor Richard's Almanack" to Jim Burden.
    Note Source: Sapphira and the Slave Girl Book VI, Chap. 2; My AntoniaBook II, Chap. 11